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Choon Soon works with enterprise clients to solve complex business challenges and maximize their investment in Salesforce and What is bookkeeping Tableau. DataDevs are community-driven and passionate about leveraging Tableau’s APIs to extend, embed, or customize Tableau.

Prizes are given to the customer in USD, it doesn’t have an effect from which zone that customer selected to themselves. In the wake of completing a half year, you need to do the full installment. Further that if there will be any change in worth, conditions or in various features according to that the costs will similarly change which you get.

I’m Jeff Plattner, an Analytics Consultant with DataDrive, a modern analytics consultancy in Minneapolis, MN. My love for data can be traced way back to my childhood in the form of player stats on the backs of sports trading cards. Today, I feel fortunate to be able to combine this life-long love with a more recent passion for data visualization and working with Tableau. I enjoy helping others better see and understand their data so they can make faster, more informed business decisions! When I’m not helping clients solve business problems I’m likely spending time with my family and our shih-tzu, Myla or friends.


He is a past member of the Colorado Society of Certified Public Accountants. He is on member of the General Board of the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance, and past board member for the Northern Colorado Chapter of the American Red Cross. His University teaching experience enables him to continually bring added value to his business and financial consulting. Steven D. Olson, has extensive experience in a wide range of leadership, management and advisory positions.

  • Practicing Krav Maga and Kali fills the few time slots that remain.
  • He believes it is an individual’s responsibility to be proactive in his learning as the chances are lurking in every corner if you seek them.
  • “Hello! Thanks for checking out the Loveland Chamber! Loveland is such a wonderful place that has grown so much since 1974 when my family moved here. Loveland is the most amazing community.
  • Originally from Wisconsin, she has lived in Colorado for over 10 years and recently became a Loveland resident.
  • After spending time with her husband and toddler, her interests include sipping on craft beers, attending live music events and exploring new restaurants.

When she’s not vizzing, Agata can be found adventuring with her family in the mountains near her home in southern Maine. Darragh Murray is a business intelligence and analytics specialist based in Brisbane, Australia. With qualifications in information systems, analytics, international https://quickbooks-payroll.org/ politics and history, Darragh loves to use his visualisation skills to highlight data stories in the digital humanities. In his spare time, Darragh enjoys riding his bike ridiculous distances and supporting his local Aussie Rules football team, the Brisbane Lions.

To further that connection, Intuit wanted to give customers an opportunity to easily share their experience using QuickBooks with friends, family, and colleagues. To take full advantage of the refer-a-friend opportunity, QuickBooks Online partners with Extole, the leading enterprise advocacy platform, to give customers quickbooks ambassador program an on-brand, easy-to-use refer-a-friend experience. Since implementing the program, Intuit has created a new channel for customer acquisition that, instead of relying on paid media, grows from their current customers. Plans come with lead generation, language localization, and detailed targeting features.

I like too collect information, which has inspired me to focus on data science. Sarah is passionate about supporting the Tableau Community and sharing her knowledge with others. Outside of work, Sarah participates in all aspects of the Tableau Community from designing vizzes for Tableau Public, to answering questions on the forums. She is a co-leader of London TUG and a regular speaker at TUG events across the globe. Sarah is a certification advocate and currently holds three certifications in Tableau Desktop. She is also an Iron Viz Europe Finalist and in 2019, she launched #IronQuest; a monthly community data visualisation initiative designed to prepare individuals for the Iron Viz feeder competitions. Sarah blogs about her Tableau experiences and #IronQuest at sarahlovesdata.co.uk.

Eric is an avid traveler and foodie and is always searching for the next adventure in life. Brian is a Senior Data Visualization & Analytics Consultant, a Co-Leader of the Boston Tableau User Group, a Co-Leader of #TheSDGVizProject, and general Tableau fanatic. Brian loves to help others leverage the power of Tableau to get the most out of their data, both as a consultant, and through his work with the community. Tableau Public Ambassadors showcase the power of Tableau with the incredible visualizations they share with the community.

Community Connections

Autumn Battani is currently serving as a Tableau developer at Tessellation and the co-lead for Diversity in Data. She has a background in communication and social sciences with an emphasis in psychology and enjoys helping build awareness around social issues.

quickbooks ambassador program

While participating in everything including co-leading the Kansas City TUG and being a #WorkoutWednesday coach, there’s always something new I’m working on. I enjoying getting to know newer Tableau users and getting them started with the basics. I began my data journey in 2014 productizing analytics for my company using Tableau. After that I have been a part of #datafam, and starting from 2019, I am working full time as Tableau consultant focusing on the server and any scripting around the server. I try to keep up with the latest development by testing beta releases, and participating in prerelease testing whenever possible.

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I enjoy using data to find insightful information and eventually turn those insights into business decisions that can help the company. Last but not least, I’m excited for the opportunity to be part of a team that can increase awareness of how vital a graph can be.

Prior to joining Callahan, Charlotte worked as an account strategist at Google, specializing in ads policy and malware. Before Google, she was an associate with the Moody’s Analytics Risk Management Consulting team. A native of Ann Arbor, MI, Charlotte also directs the middle school rowing program for DC’s only public high school crew program. Paul has transformed JLL’s Business Intelligence and Technology team into a high-performance virtual team spread across six countries and nine time zones. By improving compliance, reducing cost, increasing productivity, and driving revenue, his team has built an ROI framework that has already achieved $40m of quantified benefit through BI.

Declan completed his undergraduate studies at Fordham University in 2018, graduating summa cum laude with a double major in political science and history. As part of his graduate work, Declan works with data visualization to make social justice issues highly visible and readable using Tableau software.

I acknowledge every opportunity to visualize as a way to experiment with different chart types, features and design to show the insights in best possible ways. When I am not vizzing, you would see me reading books, painting and meditating.

quickbooks ambassador program

Outside of Twitter, Tableau, and work, Dzifa enjoys karaoke, traveling, volunteering, baking, and exploring new cities and foods. David Borczuk has been using Tableau for almost 4 years, whether it is at his day job, making a Tableau Public Viz, or working with freelance clients on the side. He has a passion for visual design, user experience design, and 3D design, and is occasionally updating his portfolio with projects from all disciplines.

Upon joining the Chamber, Jacquie immediately asked how she can become more involved. A number of members suggested the Ambassador program and she found it was a great fit. She is a strong believer in building strong relationships which will be beneficial to everyone involved. That’s what the Chamber is all about and that is how the Ambassador program helps the Chamber and the members.

Experience Extole For Yourself

For me, Data Analysis was a way to become a detective, and Tableau as a tool with a strong community has enabled me to answer most data-driven business decisions. Simon is a Visual Data Analyst at Atheon Analytics, where he humanises data for the retail sector. He’s all about data-driven decision making, and Data Visualisation is his weapon-of-choice, in this endeavor. He started using cash flow Tableau in 2014, where it was love at first sight and was made a Tableau Forum Ambassador in 2015. He attributes most of his Tableau knowledge to his engagement in this wonderful resource. I’m a section manager of sales support department for a retail company in Japan. Using Tableau Desktop and Tableau Online from 2016, I have been a member of Community Forum Ambassador from 2019.

Will has also contributed greatly to open source data projects, most notably as a core maintainer of the pandas library. With that experience he also built and owns pantab, a library that integrates pandas tightly with Tableau! Will was part of the inaugural Tableau DataDEV ambassador program launched in 2020. Honored to be a part of the program for a second straight year, Will is looking forward to leading and networking with other data enthusiasts in the Tableau ecosystem. My name is Maggie, and I am currently studying at New York University. It’s a great honor to be a part of the 2021 Tableau Student Ambassador Team, and I look forward to working together in the future.

We especially enjoy camping at Minnesota’s many beautiful State Parks. There’s just something wonderful about a day spent hiking, biking or playing in the water, capped off with a peaceful evening around the campfire. If I’m hanging out with friends, we’re probably at a sporting event, concert, catching up at a local brewery or getting in a round of golf. I was first introduced to Tableau during the summer of 2014 through a demo at my workplace. Walking out of the room that day, I was convinced I needed to pursue working with Tableau.

4th year of Tableau Public Ambassadors will definitely be wonderful. This will be another year that we share and inspired to each other. The things I love most is seeing people spread inspiration , kindness and tips. A lot of projects like #Makeovermonday #VizforSocialGood #SportVizSunday #Ironquest #ProjectHealthViz #DataForACause etc are really inspire me besides learning these are include rising the awareness of doing good deeds through data.

Through the many community resources available to you, you have the power to connect with like-minded people, learn, grow, and be inspired—wherever you are in the world. Jon is an Analytics Consultant at NeuraFlash, and has been working in the analytics space for over 10 years, primarily focused on contact/service centers. He was introduced to both Tableau and Tableau CRM in 2017, and has been fully immersed in the Salesforce ecosystem ever since. Jon sees analytics and visualizations as an artistic outlet – “Paint the picture.

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We had high software costs for each of our clients ($65/user) and the time it took to do our daily work made us feel like we were trudging through mud. Our end of year work felt insurmountable as every process seemed to be manual like printing and mailing paperwork to our clients, and sending data files back and forth to our CPA partners and clients. By January 31st, everyone at Accountingprose wanted to crawl under our desks and hide until the busy season was over. Thankfully Justin kept calling because, after the January 1099 deadline was over, I was ready to make the switch. I had enough of working hard vs smart and paying for insanely expensive software. Salesforce MVP and Tableau Ambassador with over a decade of experience specializing in Salesforce, Pardot, and Analytics.

AI Research Fellow at AIM Research Center On Artificial Intelligence. A leader driven by passion and motivation empowering teams to go above and beyond in style. Having premium experience in Europe, United States Of America & Middle East. Weird-haired wanderer and lover of social justice, forest biking, and stories.

You can find more on Twitter, LinkedIn & his website, datatheories.com. Will Ayd is the owner of innobi, a data consultancy based in San Diego, and has over 10 years of experience in data and analytics. In that time, Will has worked with major clients in the fields of Apparel and Footwear, Retail, Finance, Internet Advertising and Biomedical Engineering. Regardless of the client, Will believes that all stand to benefit greatly from a deeper understanding of their data. Tableau is Will’s favorite tool to help clients see and understand more from their data.

I love Tableau and I am convinced that is the best tool, not only of visualization, so anyone can understand your data and make informed decisions in a timely and accurate manner. I enjoy developing creative, informative and functional visualizations to overcome business challenges. I taught numerous Tableau and data visualization best practice courses and workshops at universities and organizations.

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